Thursday, February 26, 2015

To and From Slee Off-Road

I recently took the Cruiser out to Slee Off-Road in Golden, Colorado to a) have them inspect the platform integrity and progress in order to make recommendations to me for further platform evolution, as well as, b) to have them perform some work that is important enough to me that I wanted an experienced expert at the helm for this part of the build. I had them:

  • Install ARB air lockers in the front and rear
  • Install ARB air compressor
  • Install the IBS dual battery system
  • Install the ARB Intensity driving lights/modify the wiring harness and lights on the ARB bumper itself
  • Install the Front Runner roof rack platform
  • Install undercarriage armor
  • Install the Outback drawer system in the rear of the truck

The trip out through Kansas to Colorado looked like this:

The trip back through Colorado and Wyoming looked like this:

The work that Slee Off-Road did, coupled with their outstanding education/teaching attitude and customer service, is outstanding. I knew I was asking softball questions sometimes and they fielded them courteously and professionally, very thoroughly each and every time. Reading teaches. Experience teaches. Getting schooled by a group of people who do this everyday helped increase the velocity of learning. I would have paid additional money for some of the education I received while there and then paid more money for more education. Nonetheless, my opinion of Christo Slee and Slee Off-Road staff is very high as a result of my experiences with them to date and they've help put me multiple steps closer to my overlanding goals.

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