Sunday, May 4, 2014

Purpose and Intro

In a nutshell, this blog serves no greater purpose than to document the evolution of a 1999 OEM Toyota Land Cruiser to a modified vehicle more equipped for overlanding in different parts of the US, South America, Canada and desirably, Alaska. However, the distance between dream, plan and actually doing it requires a planning, money and time.

Furthermore, the details listed in this blog are desirably of useful reference to others in return for the immense value I've gained from reading the journeys of other machine platform evolutionaries, as well as, their overlanding journeys. Basically, we learn from our own experiences and that of others around us. My contribution is at best a drop in the bucket compared to many of which I've read, but a contribution nonetheless that will evolve through time.

You could say I developed the bug for being in the bush and overlanding while living and working in Zimbabwe, Africa. Beautiful people, beautiful country and absolutely beautiful exploration opportunities. Driving with the windows down for hours on end through areas of Zimbabwe where, if you weren't prepared to be completely self-reliant, you were toast required more of me than previous in my life. Thinking about possible situations, potential solutions and whether I was prepared to handle them became mind candy. And the machine platform? A gorgeous 1991 80s series Toyota Land Cruiser. Stick shift, right-hand drive, lift kit and general bush-ready (with a concealed front-end winch) and two spare tires to boot, we were naive and just ambitious enough to go and explore that gorgeous country. And the vehicle? Yeah, saved us multiple times because the Toyota Land Cruiser is a stellar bush capable platform.

I miss it; so am beginning a next chapter in the journey.

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