Thursday, May 8, 2014

Planned Modifications List

As with anything, ideas abound. I have a list of things I believe to be on my 'to do' list and will continue researching their perceived value until I choose to or not to execute accordingly. Context I have to date is considering overland requirements of terrain I'd like to visit in South America, Central America, different parts of the US, particularly Alaska, as well as, Canada. Presumably off-road, mostly graded off-road though not necessarily, and definitely some paved experiences. I'm not particularly fond of, nor looking to go it with only one machine in the convoy, rock crawling and deep water, higher risk, fjording. Although I really like the word, "fjord". Of course I'm doing more exhaustive research on parts and pieces, routes, gas mileage, way points, weather, terrain and the like. For now, the baseline is outlined below as (what is it, where did I get it/plan to get it, date installed, approximate cost to purchase and approximate time to install for me):

Install Snorkel Fix rust, apply Line-X Replace rear bumper
Replace front bumper Modify suspension Install diff breather kit
Install roof rack Install rooftop tent Install awning
Install tent extension Install mossy netting Install front winch
Install redundant battery system Install air lockers Install two-stage fuel filters
Install flood lights Install rock sliders Install side rails
Install CB Install safety equipment

The date I publish this list is of course the baseline plan. However, as I finish planned work and/or modify the plan I'll continue updating this page associatively. As of this date, I have no idea what I'm talking about, but am excited to learn. I look forward to seeing what actually happens compared to what I think will happen (which is the definition of a journey I believe).

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