Sunday, June 14, 2015

NITTO Tires Rock

I'm using NITTO Trail Grappler M/T 285/75R16 on this platform. I recently took it out onto Grade B / farm class roads composed of mud/clay mixes with 2-4 inches of sludge on top, onto an unkempt forest trail composed of logs, grasses, mud and ruts at incline, as well as, an ATV trail that was pretty much narrow ruts, deep puddles and mud between trees. Many times I could run without straight 4x4 behavior without the need for air lockers. Occasionally, I run the rear locker and sometimes both front and rear. These tires are so far magnificent.

The tires always kept moving, the platform continued to move up the inclines and through the slog without every giving ground. In fact, given the short-wheel base of this platform, coupled with 4x4 and locker ability and these tires, I am duly impressed. These tires are likely the best purchase I've made to the platform to date. Of course the other bells and whistles are nice. However, these tires seemed to clean themselves out well and I could dependably trust that they are a solid, dependable aspect of this platform.

They have been fine on pavement, dry and wet. They are great on gravel so far. However, grass, ruts, inclines and mud? Worth every penny.

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